PCDE-EASD Study Group

PCDE promoted the creation of a Primary Care Research Group within EASD which was accepted by EASD in 2007.

Objectives  of the EASD “Primary Care Diabetes Study Group” :

  • to encourage high quality research into clinical, psychological and organisational aspects of diabetes in primary care
  • to build a European network of primary care researchers, with wide interests on diabetes
  • to share research findings

Areas of interest

  • epidemiological studies: incidence and prevalence rates in different European countries,  methodological aspects
  • treatment outcomes and evaluations of new treatment options
  • adherence to treatment plans
  • prevention of macro- and micro-vascular complications
  • screening and early detection of diabetes and its complications
  • expectations and perspectives of people living with diabetes, their families and their health professionals
  • health related quality of life for individuals with diabetes
  • social inequities in minority groups suffering from diabetes
  • influences of the different European health care systems on health outcomes
  • cost effectiveness of different models of health care delivery on diabetes health outcomes

EASD PCDE Study Group (SG):

According to its regulations the SG is holding annual business meetings during the EASD meetings with its active members. The regulations have been updated according to EASD recommendations.

At the SG meeting  in September 2016  Dr. Sam Seidu from the U.K. has been elected Chair of the  Study Group for a term of 4 years.

The EASD PCDE study group has developed the study protocol and conducted the pilot of the EUCCLID study with PCDE funding (see Research) which resulted in 2 publications.

The Study Group is currently undertaking scoping exercise for the creation of primary care sensitive consensus statement on the management of elderly people with diabetes and towards the end of life.