PCDE-EASD Study Group

PCDE promoted the creation of a Primary Care Research Group within EASD which was accepted by EASD in 2007.

Research programme of activities update by PCDE study group of EASD -2018

PDCE prioritised research among other areas in the past year. In order to carry out this obligation in September last year, the study group increased its membership to include several new primary care researchers to help the existing team. The guiding principles in this arena are

  • To encourage high quality research into treatment outcomes and evaluations of new treatment options diabetes in primary care.
  • To build a European network of primary care researchers, with wide interests on diabetes
  • To share research findings.

Cognisant of this, the group prioritised diabetes and other chronic medical problems that complicate the management of the condition in patients. The group has carried out and published research work on prevention of kidney deterioration in diabetes through the use of SGLT2-Is and also the management of diabetes in people with severe mental illness. Additionally, in collaboration with Adelphi Diabetes Disease Specific Programme, the group completed an abstract and presented it as a poster at the IDF conference in 2017 in Abu Dhabi on the evaluation of the trends in therapeutic inertia among 3 groups of interest in a primary care physician (PCP) and diabetes specialist setting over the past 4 years.

Following the successful completion of these projects, the group has this year expanded its research horizon by working in different European countries on a wide variety of topics. Some of the topic areas we are currently conducting research include de-intensifications of medications in the elderly population, the evaluation and validation of decision making software to assist clinicians on the choice of anti-diabetes drugs, epidemiological work on the trends in medication adherence in diabetes and multi-morbidity in diabetes. Research output from these topic areas will be presented and/or published in the next couple of years.

EASD PCDE Study Group (SG):

According to its regulations the SG is holding annual business meetings during the EASD meetings with its active members. The regulations have been updated according to EASD recommendations.

At the SG meeting  in September 2016  Dr. Sam Seidu from the U.K. has been elected Chair of the  Study Group for a term of 4 years.

The EASD PCDE study group has developed the study protocol and conducted the pilot of the EUCCLID study with PCDE funding (see Research) which resulted in 2 publications.

The Study Group is currently undertaking scoping exercise for the creation of primary care sensitive consensus statement on the management of elderly people with diabetes and towards the end of life.