RedGDPS is a Spanish non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion of diabetes awareness among primary healthcare providers and to improve the health of patients with diabetes.

RedGDPS published a monograph entitled “Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Age of COVID. Reflections on telemedicine and patient education”  in the journal of RedGDPS foundation (Diabetes Práctica).  Link to publication;

RedGDPS; in this monograph we have related a number of methods of approaching patients with diabetes through telemedicine.

The pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has represented a turning point in our approach to our patients, preventing us from continuing traditional consultations and forcing us to work in a remote manner. There has been an exponential growth in telemedicine, which has helped maintain continuity of care with patients, despite major restrictions on mobility imposed to reduce the risk of infection. This tool needs to be optimised.

With this document, we aim to provide continuity to the “protocol of care through telemedicine to individuals with diabetes”, which we recently included in our website and will only indicate a starting point for developing a new form of assessing, addressing and educating individuals with diabetes. To our understanding, this new approach is here to stay and will, of course, be developed.