PDCE prioritised research among other areas in the past year. In order to carry out this obligation in
September last year, the study group increased its membership to include several new primary care
researchers to help the existing team. The guiding principles in this arena are

  • To encourage high quality research into treatment outcomes and evaluations of new treatment
    options diabetes in primary care.
  • To build a European network of primary care researchers, with wide interests on diabetes
  • To share research findings.

Cognisant of this, the group prioritised diabetes and other chronic medical problems that complicate
the management of the condition in patients. The group has carried out and published research
work on prevention of kidney deterioration in diabetes through the use of SGLT2-Is and also the
management of diabetes in people with severe mental illness. Additionally, in collaboration with
Adelphi Diabetes Disease Specific Programme, the group completed an abstract and presented it as
a poster at the IDF conference in 2017 in Abu Dhabi on the evaluation of the trends in therapeutic
inertia among 3 groups of interest in a primary care physician (PCP) and diabetes specialist setting
over the past 4 years.

Following the successful completion of these projects, the group has this year expanded its research
horizon by working in different European countries on a wide variety of topics. Some of the topic
areas we are currently conducting research include de-intensifications of medications in the elderly
population, the evaluation and validation of decision making software to assist clinicians on the
choice of anti-diabetes drugs, epidemiological work on the trends in medication adherence in
diabetes and multi-morbidity in diabetes. Research output from these topic areas will be presented
and/or published in the next couple of years.

Pcde Collaborative reseach : Cochrane review

PCDE facilitated a Cochrane systematic literature review on Interventions for improving adherence to treatment recommendations in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ref: Vermeire E, Wens J, Van Royen P, Hearnshaw H. Interventions for improving adherence treatment recommendations in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus [Systematic Review]. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2005 Apr 18;(2):CD003638 and the OBO project (Obstacles and Outcomes on Living with Diabetes),

Ref. Vermeire E, Hearnshaw H, Rätsep A, Levasseur G, Petek D, Van Dam H, Van der Horst F, Vinter-Repalust N, Wens J, Dale J, Van Royen P. Obstacles to adherence in living with type 2 diabetes. An international qualitative study using meta-ethnography (EUROBSTACLE). Primary Care Diabetes. 2006;1:15-23.

EU Projects

Currently PCDE is involved in different European research projects as SWEET, Calliope and Image

European Coalition for Diabetes
working together for people living with diabetes across Europe

The Grand Challenge: Delivering for Diabetes in Europe – EU meeting Brussels 8th December 2010

PCDE has agreed to join one of the Expert Working Groups in preparation for Grand Challenge meeting in the European Parliament on 8th December 2010 in Brussels.The European Coalition for Diabetes (EURADIA, FEND, IDF Europe & PCDE) have been fortunate to have gained the support of the European Parliamentary Diabetes Group of MEPs, known as the European Union Diabetes Working Group (EUDWG) in hosting the meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels. It has also been included within the Belgian European Union Presidency activities.

As a consequence this is a high profile meeting. We expect both the EU Commissioner for Health and the Commissioner for Research to attend as well as health officials from other EU States. We see this as an important opportunity to raise awareness of the diabetes epidemic within the EU.  The objective is to agree a European Strategy & Action Plan for the primary prevention of Diabetes, its earlier diagnosis, management, research and the education of people at risk of diabetes or its secondary complications.

For this meeting on 8th of December the five expert working groups will prepare reports for action on Diabetes Prevention, Early Diagnosis, Management, Research and Education . They will form the basis of the discussions on the 8th December.

More updates will follow in due course.

Public Consultation: 20 May – 20 June 2010 – Diamap Report

The DIAMAP project is funded by the European Commission FP7 HEALTH 200701 and coordinated by EURADIA.
DIAMAP is intended to chart the future of diabetes research in Europe and to guide funding agencies in drawing up future calls for research funding.
We invite you to consider the DIAMAP Road Maps, which are now open for public consultation for a 1 month period. Any comments received either by the contact form or by e-mail will be taken into consideration in preparation of the final report.
The files may either be opened in your browser or you may download them, but please note the files are still in preliminary format.