We are looking for primary care clinicians:

  • Preferably with an academic background
  • Connected with a primary care association in their home country
  • With a special interest in high quality diabetes care
  • Available for dedicated tasks in promoting diabetes in their country and abroad
  • Looking for networking across Europe


PCDE (Primary Care Diabetes Europe)  is a non profit NGO with 4400 members in different European countries. Our mission is to provide a focal point for primary care clinicians and their patients by promoting high standards of care for people living with diabetes throughout Europe. Emphasis is placed on incorporating evidence based medicine into daily practice as well as promoting diabetes education and research in primary care.

PCDE is active in different fields of diabetes care :

  • Research: within EASD as the official “Study Group of Primary Care Research in Diabetology” and involved in different European projects as ‘Diamap’, ‘Sweet’, ‘Calliope’, ‘Image’, ‘TransFoRm’, etc.
  • Conference organisation: WONCA; Since 2010 PCDE is a Special Interest Group.
  • Annual stand alone conferences or together with other associations (like EPCCS, AHEAD, DESG etc.). For more information: www.pcdconference2016.org
  • Advocating diabetes at the political level by participating in the “European Coalition for Diabetes”, together with IDF-Europe, FEND and EURADIA.
  • PCDE’s peer reviewed Journal ‘Primary Care Diabetes”, published by Elsevier, is indexed in Thomson SCI, Pubmed, PsycInfo and Scopus.
  • The website http://www.pcdeurope.org is under continued development.
  • PCDE is  linked with other international associations as WONCA, EGPRN, IDF, FEND, EASD, ECD.

If you are interested in strengthening our  team please contact us.


We are looking for primary care clinicians and welcome new General Assembly (working committee) members!