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For questions and requests regarding attendance, either individual or groups registrations, or sponsorship of delegates please contact or PCDE’s congress organizer SEMFYC Ediciones y Congresos


In 2020 and 2021 PCDE organises a series of webinars. More details about these Webinars can be found under “Conferences & Webinars > PCDE WEBINARS”.


PCDE has hosted 15 International Conferences, in the beginning mainly as stand alone meetings. In later years the conferences were official EASD satellites, thanks to the joined Study Group on Primary Care Research. More recently PCDE organised successful stand alone conferences. In April 2018 PCDE will organise its next international conference in Barcelona. Conferences were organised in:

  • 1999 Lisbon
  • 2000 Istanbul
  • 2001 Brussels
  • 2002 Stockholm
  • 2003 Paris
  • 2004 Munich
  • 2006 Athens
  • 2008 Amsterdam
  • 2010 Istanbul
  • 2011 Istanbul
  • 2012 Barcelona
  • 2014 Barcelona
  • 2015 Istanbul (Diabetes Track –WONCA Europe Region)
  • 2016 Barcelona
  • 2018 Barcelona

Besides conferencing, PCDE sets up on a regular basis, courses on chronic disease management for primary care practitioners.