We are excited to share some updates regarding developments in PCDE.

New board members

It is a pleasure to introduce two outstanding doctors who have recently joined the PCDE executive board; Dr. Waqas Tahir from the U.K. and  Dr. Bogdan Vlacho from Spain bring a wealth of experience and are highly motivated to contribute to our mission. We believe their expertise will significantly contribute to the society’s growth and we are delighted to welcome them in the PCDE family. More information here

New GA members

In addition to our board expansion, we are delighted to announce the inclusion of four exceptional doctors in our General Assembly. 

Dr. Fran Adàn (Spain), Dr. Manuel Rodrigues Pereira (Portugal) , Dr. Maurizio Ridolfi (Italy) and Dr. Gabriel Cuatrecasas (Spain) have recently joined the PCDE family and we look forward to working with them in our shared journey.

On behalf of the PCDE board,

Prof. Dr. Xavier Cos (chairman)
Prof. Dr. Pinar Topsever (vice chair)