PCDE Criteria for Endorsement (2018-2019)

PCDE shall not endorse:
Compound* related content-activities (ATC level 5)
Branded activities (no commercial, product-marketing activities or content)

PCDE, after reviewing content for scientific validity and academic value and relevance for PC good clinical practice, can choose to endorse: Educational activities-products-content which facilitates transfer of generic-transferable skill-knowledge and enhance professional and ethical conduct and/or betterment of quality of care and QoL of people living with Diabetes.
CoI (conflict of interest) disclosure:
Any commercial relationship of the third party applying for endorsement with PCDE as an organisation and/or individual PCDE EB members has to be disclosed for transparency and compliance reasons. Those PCDE members shall not be part of the reviewing board.

*Reference ATC codes
ATC coding levels

  1. Anatomical
  2. Therapeutic (drug class)
  3. Pharmacological (drug group)
  4. Chemical subgroup (drug family)
  5. Chemical substance (drug compound)

A Alimentary tract and metabolism
(1st level, anatomical main group)

A10 Drugs used in diabetes
(2nd level, therapeutic subgroup)

A10B Blood glucose lowering drugs, excl. insulins
(3rd level, pharmacological subgroup)

A10BA Biguanides
(4th level, chemical subgroup)

A10BA02 metformin
(5th level, chemical substance)