Dear colleagues, 

After deliberation in the executive board and considering the latest insights, we have decided not to go ahead with a live conference in November 2020 in Barcelona.

The safety of our participants, travel conditions and the many risks and uncertainties still, made us decide to postpone the 16th live PCDE conference to April 2022. In spring, in Barcelona, as is our tradition for the biennial PCDE conferences.  Of course the scientific programme will be different in 2022 and aligned to the developments next year.

In 2020 and 2021 PCDE organises a series of exciting monthly webinars of which the first ones took place on May 4th (TYPE 2 DIABETES AND COVID-19) and June 29th (How do we transform primary care Type 2 Diabetes management after COVID-19). The next ones will be announced shortly.

We hope to meet you soon as attendees of one of our webinars.

Warm regards,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Xavier Cos (chair)

Prof. Dr. Pinar Topsever (vice chair)