On 11-13 November PCDE organized a Summit in Barcelona with 25 key opinion leaders in primary care diabetes from 16 different EU countries.

The summit was a two-day activity with a lot of interaction where inspiring ideas were shared between the participants.

The society has recruited 11 new members during this summit to work together with Prof. Xavier Cos, Prof. Pinar Topsever and Prof. Sam Seidu in the three newly started committees Education, Advocacy, Research and  Marketing/Communication.

Following the Summit the committees expanded further to 31 members (16 in Education Committee, 5 in Advocacy Committee, 7 members added to the PCDE Study Group making it a total of 43 members (researchers in PC) from across Europe and 3 members in the Marketing and Communication Committee.

This summit is a big step forward in PCDE’s transformation to a new PCDE with enthusiastic committee members who are eager to work on expanding the reach of the society and to bring our message across. 
The main outcomes are summarized in an executive report which will be accessible on the PCDE website in due course.

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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

From left to right, top to bottom;

Slawomir Chlabicz (PL), Krisztian Voros (HU), Francisco Adan (ES),Laura Romero(ES), Stefan Jansson(SE), Sam Seidu (UK)
Maurizio Ridolfi(IT), Baruch Itzak (IL), 
Kjersti Nokleby(NO), Ana Cebrian(ES),Kevin Fernando(Schotland), Kamlesh Khunti(UK), Sarah Davies (Wales)

Evelin Raie (EE), Pinar Topsever (TR), Sara Artola (ES)
Javier Muniz (medical writer), Gustavo Mora (ES), Berit Heitmann (DK), Waqas Tahir(UK), Ottilia Hoogeslag (operational manager)
Manuel Rodrigues Perreira (PT), Bogdan Vlacho(ES), Lisa Devine (Ireland), Geert Goderis (BE),Clare Hambling (UK), Xavier Cos (ES)