The PCDE (Primary Care Diabetes Europe) Study Group started the first study “Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in Primary Health Care: the PERCEDIME-EU Study”. This study will be led by Primary Care research networks in 9 different European countries. The project has been initiated by the EASD-PCDE Study Group and will be hosted by the Spanish task force RedGDPS (the Spanish Primary Care Diabetes group).

The main objective of this project is to determine the prevalence of CKD in individuals with T2D in Europe, and the secondary objective is to correlate CKD with other micro- and macrovascular diabetic complications and to define cardiovascular risk factors associated with this condition.

These aims are similar to the PERCEDIME study objectives, a study which was performed in a region of Spain. Inspired by this local study the PERCEDIME-EU is now introduced by the EASD PCDE Study Group on an European level.

The PCDE Secretariat will be happy to provide the original publication of the PERCEDIME study as well as the draft protocol of PERCEDIME-EU. Please send an email to (hyperlink invoegen)

The progress and latest updates of this unique and challenging project can be followed on this page.


From left to right:
Assoc. Prof. Pinar Topsever, Turkey (chair EASD-PCDE Study Group )
Dr. Gustavo Mora, Spain (Study Coordinator, CKD Study)
Dr. Sara Artola, Spain (Steering Committee member CKD Study)
Assoc. Prof. Xavier Cos, Spain  (Steering Committee member CKD Study)
Dr.Axel Riefflin, Germany (Principal Investigator CKD Study)
Prof. Johan Wens, Belgium (chairman PCDE)
Dr. Sam Seidu (Principal Investigator CKD Study)